Thursday, 16 June 2016

F.O.C cafe @ Bukit Jalil

Its dinner time again, so much brain juice is squeezed to figure out where to have our meal.
And we decided to go explore around the area near to where we live!

So in the end, we chose to eat at F.O.C cafe which is near to Restoran Al Madina.
And again, I chose to eat spaghetti. and this time round, its spaghetti cabonara!

Mixed Grill Platter (9/10)
You can choose either to have mushroom/black pepper sauce.
Both sauce are equally great. 

It is well worth it, as it is only rm19.90 for the lamb and chicken. Not sure what is the green stuff, but me and my friend thought that the green sauce made the whole dish tasted like what people would normally eat at a fine-dining restaurant. 

Chicken cabonara (7.5/10) 
Quite strong flavor. Like all creamy foods, it gets a bit bland when you eat too much.
 Try to share with others, as the portion is still considered big.
Portion of protein(chicken) in this meal is daebak! Maybe good for post-workout? (RM11.90)

Grilled chicken 7/10 (RM11.90) 
this is solely rated based on my friend's feedback, as he is selfish to share his food. HAHAHAH hope he does not see this. LOL just joking!

Chicken sandwich (6/10) (RM9.90)

The service was very good. They gave us two cups of water and kept refilling it when we are almost finish drinking it for like 2-3times.

Its always exciting to try out new foods! Shall continue to go explore for more food options next time. Where are the good foods, people? XD

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2nd visit  (21/6/2016)
Trio mushroom soup (8/10) <3 the soup so much, my friend mentioned that even if the portion is not big, it is still worth the price!! (RM7)

Bolognese (7.5/10) (RM10.90) Only managed to try one spoonful of this. lol when it comes to the portion, penne seems lesser than the spaghetti as the pasta option. (my opinion)

Lamb chop (8/10) The lamb is well-seasoned !mmm.. all those herbs/spices.. (RM12.90)

Seafood marinara (7.5/10) (RM12.90)
For these pasta options (seafood marinara, chicken cabonara and bolognese), you can choose either spaghetti or penne as your choice of pasta. 

Wasn't expecting much from a regular-looking pizza, but woah the crust is so crispy.
Definitely 8.5/10 for this mushroom pizza (roasted mushrooms + tomato sauce & cheese!) pricing at RM10.90. This was the last dish I ate, and you can tell how full I was at that time. But I am still able to slot in this 4 piece of the pizza by myself and shared two of the pizza with my other 2 friends. =D

Imagine just three people eating all of these foods.
We have stuffed ourselves very well today (perhaps its celebration for the last week of class ?)
Even though our stomachs are full, we are still very satisfied and delighted with our second visit to the shop!

3rd visit (28/12/2016)
Seafood pizza(6.5/10) A taste of the ocean 
Crispy chicken burger (7.5/10) I normally dont eat pickles, but the pickle is surprisingly good.

Lasagna (8.5/10) 

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11, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 15, Arked Esplanad, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Their opening hours:
Monday - Friday  (10am - 10pm)
Saturday - (10am - 5pm)
Sunday - Closed

Monday, 23 May 2016

Twenty5 Cafe @ Sri Petaling <3

 Its been a long time since I post some updates on food hunting here.
But I just can't hold back my excitement of being able to eat two of my favorite foods at the same time - nasi lemak and spaghetti at twenty5 cafe. Me and my friend tried another two types of pasta besides the nasi lemak spaghetti.
Are you geared up to find out what we ordered? okay, probably not. haha

Fusion of nasi lemak and spaghetti, together? Like seriously?
Yeah, if you are a fan of these two foods, you will like this dish a lot.
haha the crazy thing is I ate this nasi lemak spaghetti in less than 10minutes and my friend have not even finish half of the food. Its either I was too hungry or the food is too good!
Easily the highlight of this food hunt. (9/10) (RM22)

For all the nasi lemak and spaghetti lover, no longer need to fret thinking which to eat. LOL

Aglio olio fish fillet. Generous amount of herbs and nice flavoring.(8.5/10) (RM20)
Creamy mushroom pasta (7/10) Comparing this to the other two dishes, this would come in third place. (RM18)
Most of their foods are around the price range of 15- 20++.
By the way, best thing about this cafe is the portion! Period.
haha my friend was shocked at how I swallowed two big bowls of pasta with only 15minutes rest period.

Next time I shall come back with my friend and go for the pizza/ sandwich and cakes. Fingers crossed. MORE FOODS shall be devoured!

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No 18G, 7, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Their opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday (11am - 11pm)
Closed on monday